We are Jeanne, Jessica, Netillo and Helena Our work is framed in the field of Design despite its main aim is to expand and stretch the borders of it. We protest, we work on past and present, we are political and we believe design is not about form or function, but a way of understanding and thinking our current context, and indeed, a medium to produce.

Trojans collective was born as an optimistic expression of dissatisfaction. We are graduate students from the MA Space and Communication from HEAD-Genève. We produce experimental work that expands into other fields, it is precisely in the infiltration where we place our practice. We aim to collaborate and generate growth, rather than colonize.

We need other words, other platforms, other mediums, other communication methods. We strive to reinvent everything that goes with our work. Because we call ourselves designers, on the condition that we ask ourselves questions and that we always try to redefine what a designer does and what a designer is.

The Trojans are Jeanne Pasquet,
Jessica-Maria Nassif, Netillo Rojas,
and Helena Bosch Vidal.