HEAD Diploma 2021 - Les Jours bleus - Digital Scenography - Numérique


Les Jours Bleus

Graduating underneath blue skies 

In collaboration with: Neo Neo, REMARQ, Skynight, La Souris Verte

Using a 6m screen and 15 iMac monitors displaying animated looping blue sky, reduced using built elements and used a digital scenography instead for this edition of the Diploma Show for HEAD- Genève

A diploma ceremony takes place every year at La Haute Ecole d’Art et Design de Genève, HEAD with a themed entrance, stage, and a photo-call.  

The 2021 graduation ceremony at HEAD was held under the sign of Les Jours Bleus, a blue-sky poster designed by the graphic design studio Neo Neo.   

A Digital Scenography

For this edition, our aim was to reduce the built elements and use digital matter instead for the scenography. For each ceremony space, we designed a monochrome blue physical element & a digital adaptation for it.   

At the welcome hall, we placed a custom-made shelf that included 15 iMac screens that displayed the same video at different timings. A looping blue sky animation added motion to the space, using digital as scenography.  

For the stage and photocall, we placed a 6 m screen in front of which the graduates could pose for their annual picture. The blue permeated the space and the students, offering an exceptional graduation photo.  

As for the stage we proposed a monochrome blue design, including the lectern, the floor, and the custom-made furniture elements.

The Context

La Haute Ecole d’Art et Design de Genève, HEAD is renowned for the quality of its bachelor’s and master’s degrees. One can apply in Fine Arts, Cinema, Interior Architecture, Space and Communication, Visual Communication. As well as Fashion and Accessory Design. It has established itself as a leading school of art and design in Europe.  

Photos : Baptiste Coulon HEAD—Genève

HEAD Diploma 2021 - Les Jours bleus - Digital Scenography -Numérique
HEAD Diploma 2021