HEAD 2022 Inauguration - Modular Display System

Inauguration HEAD

Assemble, Disassemble, Stock and Re-design

In collaboration with: Ivan Lavague, A.D.O. Atelier des Ouates, Moléson Impression

A modular design: metal connectors, circular wooden bars, and metallic plates, metal binders. Four materials to design different modular display system for HEAD—Genève’s new space inauguration. 


To inaugurate their new space, La Haute Ecole d’Art et Design de Genève, HEAD organised a large exhibition. Mixing historical drawings, graduate projects from all departments, commissioned art pieces, and curated spaces around the new buildings.  

Modular Display System

For the occasion, we designed a modular display system that could be reproduced in different sizes, spaces. Easy to assemble and disassemble, stock and re-design on future occasions, the modular design is made of colored metal connectors, wooden circular bars, and metallic plates attached to the wood with metal binders. 

The modules took the form of tables, exhibition panels, as well as a signage system that worked with the exhibition display design, to distribute and organize information around the spaces.  

We also decided to use the module system for the diploma ceremony happening at the same time. We declined the modules to design the photocall and the entrance piece, key scenography elements for HEAD—Genève graduation show, using the graphic design elements designed by Ismael Abdallah and Constance Jacob for the event’s poster. 

The Context

La Haute Ecole d’Art et Design de Genève, HEAD is renowned for the quality of its bachelor’s and master’s degrees. One can apply Fine Arts, Cinema, Interior Architecture, Space and Communication, Visual Communication. As well as Fashion and Accessory Design. It has established itself as a leading school of art and design in Europe.   

By the end of the academic year of 2021-2022, HEAD—Genève celebrated the yearly diploma ceremony and exceptionally, the opening of a new campus. This extension would reunite all the students from the different departments in two main campuses instead of five. 

Photos: Guillaume Collignon HEAD—Genève & Ivan Lavague 

HEAD 2022 Inauguration - Modular Display System
HEAD 2022 Inauguration - Modular Display System