Open Day

A yellow grid on a black background: a transversal conference space 

In collaboration with: A.D.O. Atelier des Ouates, Printcubator

A pattern design merging graphic and space design, for a place of dialogue rather than a space for unilateral information.

The Haute Ecole d’art et Design of Geneva, HEAD invited us to collaborate for the 2020 Open Day edition, to design the signage and conference spaces that would guide the visitors through the school.

Merging graphic and space design

Our goal was to create a flat and transversal space for dialogue rather than a space for unilateral information. To do that, we intended to remove the distance created by heights, by placing the speakers and the public at floor level, on different heights of wooden cubes.    

We conceived “Patterns” by merging graphic and space design with a common notion: a yellow grid on a black background.    

The cubes emerged from our designed patterned floor, as if some of the cubes extruded from the ground. The floor pattern (yellow vinyle) could also be taken as a floor plan, delimiting the conference space, thus inviting seating between the cells, on the cubes, or on the floor.    

Printed flags took the graphics from the floor to the ceiling. They marked the different locations of departments in the cube and at the entrances of the buildings. 

The Context

The Haute Ecole d’art et Design of Geneva, HEAD is renowned for the quality of its bachelor’s and master’s degrees. One can apply in Fine Arts, Cinema, Interior Architecture, Space and Communication, Visual Communication. As well as, Fashion and Accessory Design. It has established itself as a leading school of art and design in Europe.   

To welcome potential students and interested visitors, HEAD opens its doors every year. As each department exhibits a sample of its work in the different campus and presents its activity to the audience.   

Photos : Giesbrecht Michel HEAD—Genève