Peter Menzel Exhibition

Exhibition Design

In collaboration with Decora

Peter Menzel Exhibition at BFM, scenography, concept and graphic design for Explore, le festival de demain.

Pictures by Dylan Perrenaud

We had the chance to design the display of the photographer Peter Menzel’s exhibition based on his book “Hungry Planet” at Explore Genève, le festival de demain, at the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices from the 24.04.24 till the 28.04.24

From the very first visit to the site, we wanted to take advantage of the ceiling height and propose an exhibition that would use the big volume of empty space, and suspend it from discreet metal cables and printed on canvas. In addition to the concept and production of the display, we designed the visitor itinerary, created a color code based on the different continents represented and thought up the caption as an essential graphic element of the photo.