Les Créatives

Blue, shapes and materials for a festival that celebrates feminism and pluralities.

In collaboration with : A.D.O Atelier des Ouates

A scenography to fold and take away, and unify a plurality of event spaces in Geneva. 

For the 2022 edition of the festival Les Créatives, we developed a scenography that could be transportable to the different venues where the talks, round tables, and discussions of Les Créatives take place.   

The Scenography

Inspired by the graphic identity of Studio BAD, using the dominant colour blue of the branding, we designed two scenographic elements.

Regarding this first series of objects, we had a brief. We had to design something light, easily movable, that could work well online and offline. This scenography was going to be used during the different “Tables Rondes” happening all over Geneva in different venues. The aim was to bring a unified aesthetic to all the stages.

We designed a series of 3 foldable wood screens used behind the speakers and moderators. The festival’s team could mix and match the different screens depending on the event.

We created as well, a limited series of totems to place on top of tables, receptions, or stages.

The totems are made of of blue translucid recycled plexiglass and stones sourced from the fields of Veyrier. We applied a vertical cut to place the plexiglass.  

The Context  

Les Créatives is the most important multidisciplinary, feminist, and women-based festival in Geneva. Its program includes concerts, plays, round tables, exhibitions, and more.

The festival stages intersectional feminism throughout the canton of Geneva communes, as well as in Lausanne, Basel, and Zurich.   

In 2022, the festival renewed itself under the direction of the new direction team: Ermela Haile et Nevena Puljic. 

Photos : Kenza Wadimoff