Times to Watches

Red from the ground up

In collaboration with Gabriel Abergel, Carla Marceau, A.D.O. Atelier des Ouates, REMARQ

An immersive red stand, using photogrammetry technique, highlighting creativity and the need for new voices in the watchmaking industry. 

An Immersive stand

We designed an immersive fair stand to highlight the creativity of the La Haute Ecole d’Art et Design de Genève (HEAD) students in watch making, and the need for new voices and professionals in the sector. The stand hosted the creation of 10 graduates with a great variety of aesthetics and concepts.  

The concept our scenography in collaboration with Gabriel Abergel and Carla Marceau is based on Photogrammetry, a technique which scans objects to create 3d virtual images with a cloud of dots.  

Inspired by the visual of the scanning process, we created different patterns of mesh throughout the space of the stand. The pattern was printed on a gradient red walls and floor, as well as different display structures that followed the printed pattern on the surfaces. And, at the top of each structure, there was a backlit engraved mirror with the mesh inspired pattern.  

To create a full immersive stand, the space also showcased videos of the watches exhibited on our stand. The different watches were rendered using the photogrammetry technique, designed by Gabriel Abergel and Carla Marceau. 

The Context

Time to Watches is an event that took place in Le Cube, Geneva, the polyvalent space of La Haute Ecole d’Art et Design de Genève (HEAD) during the “Watches of Wonder” annual watch Festival.

Forty brands presented their creations and debated with other professionals on the future of watch making. Graduates from the BA and MA in accessories design and watchmaking from HEAD—Genève had their spots at the fair. The school invited Trojans Collective to create their stand.

Photos : Guillaume Collignon HEAD—Genève

HEAD Times To Watches 2022 Immersive Stand

Video Design by Gabriel Abergel and Carla Marceau

We were also commissioned the Times to Watches Head-Genève stand for the year 2023 and 2024, showcasing Vanessa Lecci’s workshop results.