La Collective

Graphic Identity and Website

In collaboration with OnzeWeb

Concept and creation of La Collective’s Brand Identity.

The Collective is a project run by the Fondation pour l’égalité de genre, which will open its doors in 2026. It aims to be a place of reference for issues of equality, gender and women’s rights.

This large-scale project arose from the need to create a place dedicated to the missions of Geneva’s various women’s and feminist associations, to facilitate access for their audiences, and to offer activities enabling the creation of social links between people from different backgrounds.

La Collective will house accommodation for women in precarious situations, senior women and students, a day nursery, a café-restaurant, la bibliothèque Filigrane, the l’Espace Santé Femmes*, offices for associations and cultural spaces. A place open to the city, it will also host events for the general public to promote equality in society.

The identity reflects La Collective’s vision, mission and values.

We also created a collection of shapes, inspired by the cross-section of the building. These shapes, found throughout the identity, represent the multiplicity and diversity of La Collective’s functions, missions and uses.

Explore - Department du territoire de la Ville de Geneve - Graphic toolbox


Explore: Le Festival de Demain

Bringing EXPLORE to a wider audience with design! 

In collaboration with: Prestige Graphique, Paul&Paulette, A.D.O. Atelier des Ouates

A graphic toolbox, an interactive motion logo, online and offline branding, including posters, flyers, and website wireframe, and a unique street stand to strengthen and clarify EXPLORE ’s image for its 2021 edition.

For its 2021 edition, EXPLORE needed to strengthen and clarify its image, communication, and brand identity in order to reach its targets of a wider audience. With that in mind, we designed a toolbox, out of which we conceived an interactive motion logo, their online and offline branding (which included posters, flyers, and website wireframe). We conceptualised and produced their physical presence in the city by creating a unique street stand.   

The Graphic Toolbox

Different elements were included in the graphic toolbox : 

A typographic logo that included 6 variations of the letters from the word “EXPLORE” 

A map with two elements: A grid which was a symbol of urban and space navigation. And the superposition of Geneva’s territory shown by perimeters using abstract color blocks and patterns 

And finally, to incorporate the idea of participation and the essential role of the public, we added a series of dashed lines that symbolise the circulation path. Illustrating the link between the inhabitants and the landscapes 

The Context

The EXPLORE festival is an initiative that began in 2016 with the objective to democratize urban planning. In 2019, it its first edition as a public Festival. Their program included debates, participatory workshops, and urban explorations. And was supported by the Citizen Participation Service of the Urban Planning Office of the Territory Department of Geneva.  

In 2021, the festival scaled up to reach a wider audience and have a bigger program, counting 5,000 participants. It aimed to become a vector of participation but also a place for experimentation and debate on an international scale; to design the city of tomorrow, today.

Explore - Department du territoire de la Ville de Geneve - Graphic toolbox